10 th Special Olympics Polish Summer Games 2014 in Bydgoszcz (23-26 August 2014). Opening Ceremony – the lighting of the Olympic torch at Łuczniczka Arena.

Dawid Hanuszkiewicz (Małopolskie) feels confident before the start of the swimming competition. Shortly, he will jump into a swimming pool to compete in the 25m freestyle. He will be third in this swimming race.

Katarzyna Iwanicka (Podlaskie) and Robert Janecki (Lubuskie) during examination within the Healthy Athletes program. Athletes were able to take advantage of services offered by physicians, ophthalmologists, physical therapists, audiologists, otolaryngologists, dieticians, pediatricians, orthopedists, and opticians.

Łukasz Budnik (Śląskie) during a table tennis match. Playing with his back to the windows, through which the light was coming, may have given him a slight advantage during the game.

Sławomir Tomala (Beskidzkie) is getting ready to perform the standing long jump. He won by jumping 1.12m.

Paweł Sadzik (Opolskie) won four gold medals in powerlifting. He won three medals for his results, whereas the fourth medal was awarded to him for participation in the competition.

Athletes relax near the running track. Soccer games continue nearby.

The Olympic Village became deserted. Work starts on cleaning of the surface and removal of balloons.